Art Highlight: Lee Miller

“Fashion shoot at The Six Bells (Della Oak LHS),Chiddingly, East Sussex,England.” (1950). Lee Miller – Krig och mode. 8 september 2017–4 mars 2018 i Galleri 3

Lee Miller led a dramatically varied life, going from fashion model to photographer to war correspondent. She was one of the first international journalists in Germany as WWII ended, reporting from the liberation of the concentration camps at Buchenwald and Dachau and photographing Hitler’s apartment in Munich with David E. Scherman. Her work as a photographer went under the radar during her lifetime, but her son Antony Penrose went about archiving and promoting it after her death in 1977. This exhibition focusses on Miller’s photography of fashion during wartime, and the change the social churning of wartime had on the way people dress.

Lee Miller: Krig och mode, Kulturhuset, opens Sep 8