Erik Lundin And Cherrie Visit Rinkeby For Third Culture Kids Workshop

Photo: Paul Edwards

Record label and collective Respect My Hustle (home to Silvana Imam and more) was laid to rest by founder Babak Azarmi earlier this year, but out of the ashes came cultural collective Trans94, Azarmi’s new project. And now the collective is going on tour across Sweden with two of the biggest stars associated with it, Erik Lundin and Cherrie, for a series of workshops this autumn, entitled “Third Culture Kids – dröm, mod, egen”.

Third Culture Kids can be defined as the children who grew up between their parents’ culture and the culture of the society they grew up in, something Azarmi, Lundin and Cherrie all have experience of. The vision for Third Culture Kids as put forward by Trans94 seeks to unite “not by demographic groups like race, gender and age, but instead mutual values and interests”. The experience of creating art as a Third Culture Kid, as well as being a modern artist in general, will form the basis for the workshops. Cherrie says: “The music being created today in Sweden’s suburbs is as real as it can be. And it’s being produced without resources, such as places like studios. Therefore, our work spreading the independent working methods that have worked for us is important for the creators of the future”. Lundin says “Sharing my experiences from my ten years of being an artist is one of the most important steps in my continued work as a creator”.

The workshops will consist of tips about how to develop a future as an artist, as well as coaching and experiences from Lundin, Cherrie and Azarmi’s lives as creators. They’re open to people between the ages of 15 and 25, and conclude with a live concert. The tour opens in Karlskrona on September 23, and comes to Stockholm for dates in Rinkeby and Nacka in October.


Third Culture Kids – dröm, mod, egen, Rinkeby, Folkets Hus, Oct 1 @ 1600

Third Culture Kids – dröm, mod, egen, Fiksätra Nacka, Fisksätra Folkets Hus, Oct 14 @ 1600