WEEKENDER 212223.11

WEEKENDER 212223.11

Nov 21, 22 & 23

by daniela trujillo evb


The weekend is a day away, with some of us beginning our binge drinking as of Thursday… the baby brother of the weekender world, if you will.

 Totally Stockholm’s editorial assistant, daniela trujillo evb, has compiled some of the most notable events going down to help you navigate your way through the much-awaited weekend!

 UNO /


Friday- Ah, the ultimate of the weekend days: you get off of work, after five days of chugging along- trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel… the light being the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of course! Friday is usually the day when the bell rings- in adult world this means the clock hitting 1700- we run out from our offices and head to the first ‘after work’ /’happy hour’ we can find! Fridays we usually feel invincible until you know… Saturday morning hits.

But I get it and I understand that there is no changing the cyclical nature of that Friday-energy waiting and wanting to burn, so why not do something a little different?

What we’re suggesting here not only seems fun but also is also good for your brain and body. Dance therapy anyone?

This Friday, JacQueline from the infamous, adrenaline-fuelling dance group ENOUGH is part of a four-Friday long endeavour to get people to move. Join the ENOUGH dancers and some of Stockholm’s best DJs for a workshop in both DJ-ing and dancing!


Friday- 18-22 (doors @ 17.30)

Workshop- 18.00-18.30
Plats: Dansmuseet – Drottninggatan 17
Cost: FREE

 Go on, get your moves warmed up before you hit the clubs on your Friday night!

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And then there was Saturday… dun dun dunnnn *insert mental theme music here*

If you’re either

  1. A) a badass B) didn’t drink (too much) on Friday or C) an alcoholic

Then you’re most likely up for doing something terribly enjoyable on your Saturday and congratulations! I am absolutely useless when I am hungover or as we say here in Stockholm, BAKIS. There is NO amount of Resorb that can help me and about 99.6% of events are not worth getting drunk at because of the way I feel the next day.

So continuing down our path of health there is a quite fun and odd option this Saturday: why not run?

This Saturday over 30,000 people are going to run (or walk or jog) the Northern Link and apparently, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? At least very rare!

It costs 450kr to participate in the race and it is around 10km long. So either burn up the booze or just get your blood flowing for your big Saturday night but ‘RUN STOCKHOLM! RUN!’


Siljaterminalen/ Frihamn

Södra Hamnvägen 46, Stockholm

# 058650858

Cost: 450 kr



What do you know about a gay rapper? Until I found about Cakes Da Killa I knew nothing of one! On being a gay hip-hop artist Cakes aka Rashard Bradshaw says this:

“I came out in the third grade. This is just me being me. People make it sound like it’s controversial and revolutionary, and that’s weird to me, because in hip-hop you have people glorifying negativity like killing people and not taking care of your kids — and that should be scandalous! That should be what we talk about. An openly gay rapper shouldn’t be breaking news.”

How about Saturday night after that long, amazing run of yours you head out to Södra Teatern where this American rapper will be performing and changing the face of hip-hop as we know it? Count me in!


Södra Teatern, Kägelbanan

160kr before/ 200kr at the door / Must be 20 years old to enter

Begins at 2100



Let’s not forget about those who enjoy their weekends a bit more quietly and perhaps, not as nocturnally as most individuals. For ye I have chosen both the Stockholm Art Fair and Bruno’s Vintage Market.

On both Saturday and Sunday- bakis or not; broke or rich; with a partner by your side, alone or with your friends- why not eye-shop your eyes out and stare at pretty things made either by someone recently or a few decades ago?

Grab a coffee, stroll about, take a bite of some street food or nearby brunch and just enjoy what surrounds you. Not only am I an all-time supporter of art, everything-vintage and markets but also with the holidays around the corner these are the places to stroll and troll until you find the rarest of gifts!

Anyone with kids or needing to see their friends… hell, even for those of you in need of a date idea that doesn’t involve alcohol or those night-hours where judgment and vision become impaired, the Stockholm Art Fair and Bruno’s Vintage Market are the right choice! And for those of you in the other category; the ones who take advantage of all of the impairment yet somehow have energy for the day and it’s sobriety, take the one you wake up next to to these!


Bruno Vintage Market


Address: Brunogallerian, Gotgatan 36
Subway: Slussen
Open: Sundays at 12: 00-17: 00 between 21 September and 14 December
Pricing sales location: 300-450 SEK
Free admission!

 Stockholm Art Fair

 Nacka Strandsmässan

 Augustendalstorget 6 , Nacka Strand

Entry: 50 kr.

21 November kl 11-18
22 November kl 11-19
23 November kl 11-17

And some supplemental picks are as follow:


 SoulTrain @ Café Opera

Friday & Saturday

DJ Walter spins some of the best Latino music for you to shake to!


South Station Chompers play jazz for FREE.

And if all else fails or you simply hate my choices, check out the LISTINGS section of our latest physical edition! Read it here or pick it up at over 100 locations in Stockholm-City!

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