Filmmaker Laura Poitras Comes To Bonniers Konsthall

Photo: Bonniers Facebook

The CIA and the FBI were the USA’s traditionally famous three-letter security agencies, and the darker sides of their activities (for example, repeated plotting to overthrow democratically elected governments, involvement in assassinations, blackmailing Martin Luther King Jr.) have been present in the public consciousness for quite a while. Awareness of the National Security Agency, which initially started as a cipher communication agency, didn’t register to quite the same extent until 2013, when Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA was running a surveillance programme that hoovered up data in the US and internationally, and could and often did spy on basically anyone. One of the journalists Snowden leaked the documents he’d smuggled out of the NSA to was Laura Poitras, who later made the documentary Citizenfour about Snowden, for which she won an Oscar. Poitras’ latest film, Risk, follows the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. She comes to Bonniers Konsthall to show a selection of short films and a discussion with Bonniers curator Theodor Ringborg tomorrow.

Sep 20 @ 1800, Bonniers Konsthall