Full Speed Ahead With Marianne Lindberg De Geer

If you’ve been slipping into a state of sunshine inertia as the summer months have drawn on, then what better way to kick yourself out of it then by checking out Färgfabriken’s large retrospective exhibition of Marianne Lindberg De Geer’s (b.1946) work.

You see, MLDG’s work is the stuff of debate. Go to an exhibition by the artist, writer and director and you’re unlikely to leave feeling apathetic. Look no further than one of her most infamous works Jag tänker på mig själv (I am thinking of myself). Here, the artist portrays herself naked in two extremes: in one she is anorexic; in the other she is obese. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the work has been the target of vandalism multiple times.

Färgfabriken have pulled out all the stops in displaying Full Speed Ahead. There’s an extensive selection of MLDG’s oeuvre on show, with paintings, films, sculptures, collages, audio works, writing, and debate all on display for the duration.

Full Speed Ahead – Retrospective exhibition with Marianne Lindberg De Geer,
Färgfabriken. On display until November 29 The exhibition space is open Thur 11-19, Fri 11-16, Sat & Sun 11-17.

Words: Daisy Fernandez