James Ferraro Brings Arts From The Digital Jungle To LOYAL

James Ferraro, Struggle for Biotopes (7,500,000,000), 2017, Digital print on canvas, 39 x 28 in, 100 x 70 cm

The internet moves so fast that whole genres can have lifespans of a few months, but if anyone remembers vapourwave from a few years ago they probably remember James Ferraro. He stood behind countless musical projects and pseudonyms, and his 2011 album Far Side Virtual was a standout for music in the immersive digital world. Now Ferraro’s moved into art, and is hosting his first visual art show, ‘Extinction Renaissance’, at LOYAL in Stockholm this summer. A world of music, video and visual pieces, it’ll be on display until August 26.

James Ferraro, 9/11 Simulation In Roblox Environment, 2017 from Loyal Gallery on Vimeo.

James Ferraro, Extinction Renaissance. LOYAL, on display until Aug 26