Laika Launches Indie Night Happy Tuesdays

It’s the season for new ideas at Laika, with the bar/club set to launch their ACID Thursdays night later this week (a reincarnation of the successful club ACID Fridays). But before that there’s another kind of night on the way. On Tuesday Happy Tuesdays kicks off, a new club night that aims to cut through the autumn gloom with the best of ” Indie/Rock/Britpop/Postpunk/New Wave/Psych/Postdisco/Electro/60s”.The opening night’s DJs are Christian Jansson and Josefin Ahlqvist Lyzwinski from gloom-rock band Dead Vibrations, and it runs between 19:00 and 01:00.

Happy Tuesdays Premiere, Laika, Sep 12