Doc Lounge At Under Bron

Anyone’s who’s ever picked up a history book is familiar with the idea of Aryanism, the racist white supremacist ideology that fuelled the Nazis in their creation of the Holocaust. In her documentary The Aryans, Ghanaian-German filmmaker Mo Asumang investigates the ideology, from the history of its impact on her homeland to the violence and racism it inspires today. On a trip into the twisted heart of racist thought she meets German Neo-Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan, as well as taking a trip to Iran, where the people who originally called themselves Aryan came from. Asumang’s documentary is an personal investigation into the impact that hatred can have in the world.

Doc Lounge are showing the film this Thursday at Under Bron. The viewing location will be decorated by the artists Karin Gille and Hanna Kisch and writer Kayo Mpoyi will be performing a reader after the film. Entry is free and the film starts at 19.

Dec 22 @ 1900, Under Bron.