3X: Fast Good – Stockholm’s Best New Fast Food



Stockholm’s fast and street food scenes are booming, with a myriad of new options opening on a monthly basis. Jon Widegren, founder of Flippin’ Burger, is putting the weiner in the spotlight at his latest venture Dogfood. Don’t miss the 24h Chili Dog, a beef hotdog topped with chili, silver onion, mustard and sour cream.



Çok!’s döner, a type of Turkish kebab, is prepared in the traditional fashion using freshly grilled veal or lamb, fresh-out-of-the-oven bread and veggies. The new spot, located by the water at Hornsbergs Strand at Kungsholmen, has four different döner options, as well as a number of sides and sauces.


 Makato Bento

A ‘bento’ is a single-portion take-out meal that is very common in Japan. Last year, the bento finally arrived in Stockholm, and is available from Makato Bento on Drottninggatan, who pack the nifty lunch boxes with all sorts of Japanese favourites such as tempura, curry and teriyaki.


Words: Micha van Dinther