3x Kitchen aid

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Reform x Norm Architects

Sticking to their guns, Norm Architects have designed a line of kitchen fronts for Reform which carry their trademark style – simple and timeless, yet exclusive in their choices of materials and surfaces. The finished product is a mixture of modern and rustic, and is meant to be matched with regular IKEA kitchen cabinets. The fronts bear no handles or knobs, the uninterrupted top surface is finished to perfection and the structure is available in four different styles, one of which is *tombak*, which is a rare sight in today’s industrial design. The copper-based alloy’s rustic and rusty color soon gives way to a golden finish in the areas most used and touched.


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Per Moberg

After much anticipation, we are happy to hear that actor, TV personality and chef Per Moberg is launching his own line of kitchenware to be sold at Åhléns stores in Sweden and Norway. The selection of gadgets includes chunky and hardwearing chopping boards made from solid unpenetratable pieces if oak, cast-iron skillets with solid oak handles that could double as heat shields on a space craft, leather aprons from Tärnsjö tannery and a granite pestle and mortar. We are reassured that every single product that has gone through chef Mobergs kitchen test sequence will last a lifetime, having being chopped, thrown around, juggled, pressure washed and cursed at.


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The last decade has seen a palpable shift in kitchen style, first going from the run-of-the-mill home style via a strong influence from the professional culinary scene, sporting stainless appliances, eight burner hobs and instant hot water dispensers, to glossy, gleaming and beaming luxury variants using marble and granite tops, brass and copper as design highlights. Now, however, the New Nordic style dictates cleaner lines, less bling and a touch of Art Deco. Ferm Living recently launched their new kitchen accessories line containing a number of items adhering to the new and pared-down aesthetic. We particularly love the Outline trivet, clearly inspired the bold geometry of Art Deco.