Drink this now: Bujjo



Broth is warming, delicious and healthy, and is as practical on the ski slope as it is walking around the city. The Bujjo broth is completely organic, and is available in three flavours – vegetarian, ox and chicken. The broth is delicately flavoured, completely natural and prepared using only ingredients that would have been discarded.


We prefer a heated cup of Bujjo on a cold spring day and our favourite is the chicken broth which, with its red peppers and ginger flavour, gives a sense of wellbeing in both body and soul. Bujjo is very filling so it is perfect for a light lunch.


Bujjo is available at your nearest 7-Eleven.

As told by Carina and Ulrika Brydling, sisters, chefs and organic advocates, who travel around the country and hold talks about sustainable meals. The Brydling sisters will open their new restaurant at Bro Park in June of this year.