Eat This Now: Vegetarianism In Stockholm


Surely you haven’t forgotten that October 1 is World Vegetarian Day? If so, you are forgiven for the oversight. Although it is reported that Swedes are consuming more meat than ever before, veg-ism (vegetarianism and veganism) is simultaneously rising, with every tenth person completely cutting out animal proteins from their diet. The term flexitarian – a plant-based individual who occasionally consumes meat – is now mainstream and widely used.


Going vegetarian or vegan is easier every day. Food stores are stocking shelves with veg-ism-friendly foods and restaurants are seeing the potential by catering to this group. Heck, even fast food chain Max now has no less than four vegetarian burger options on the menu. Start by cutting out meat and fish for one day of the week – we guarantee you’ll feel better for it.


There are a ton of vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly dining options in Stockholm, and we particularly recommend Fotografiska, Gro, Kalf & Hansen, Rutabaga and Falafelbaren. For the ultimate whole foods, plant-based dinner, head to restaurant Växthuset, located underneath the Skanstull bridge.

Words: Micha van Dinther