Gastro: Görvälns Slott

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Plating art

Located in a castle 25 kilometres north of Stockholm,  Görvälns Slott is stepping up its game as a gastronomic destination. At Galleriet, the hotel’s new restaurant, head chef Stefan Ekengren, restaurant manager Josefin Carlsson and owners Maria and Johan Eklund combine food and art as one. Known for their artistic edge, Ekengren’s dishes are served in a space that also doubles as an art gallery.

“My philosophy is that great gastronomy is developed through food that touches people, and for me that springs out of the flavours from my upbringing,” says Ekengren, who has put together a menu made up of classic Swedish dishes.

The first artist to showcase his work is renowned food photographer Magnus Skoglund.

Görvälns Slott, Järfälla

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