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Good morning, noon and evening

For many, brunch is a weekly highlight. So why limit the intake of brunch to the weekend? Or to the morning, for that matter?

Abroad, the all-day breakfast and brunch concept is an established one, with eggs, bacon and pancakes being fried up on restaurant kitchen stoves around the globe 24/7. In the US, there’s even a “brinner” (aka breakfast for dinner) movement that’s sweeping across the nation. Restaurants are questioning why breakfast should be available between 7 and 11 only, opting to serve petit dejeuner all day long. And rightly so.

At Sthlm Brunch Club, the approach is a slightly more timid one, as the restaurant offers “all day breakfast, brunch and lunch”. Nevertheless, the concept is a popular one, as we quickly find out by the line of people waiting for a table outside. There’s a first-come, first served policy so for those who luck out on scoring a table, there’s a waiting list. It functions surprisingly well, because the staff are gracious enough to give you a call as soon as a table opens up, letting guests take a stroll while they wait.

First order of the day is that all-important cup of coffee, and we’re thrilled to find that the brew served at Sthlm Brunch Club is by local roaster Johan & Nyström. A chirpy young American woman gives us a brief and instructive introduction to the menu before taking our order. The made to order juices named ‘green’, ‘pink’ and ‘carrot fusion’ (all 54 kronor) are a fresh start before digging in to carb-overloaded dishes such as American pancakes (95 kronor) served with bacon and maple syrup, eggs Benedict (149 kronor) and ‘Eggs ‘n’ sausage with a kick’ (149 kronor), a dish consisting of two poached eggs, chorizo, roasted pepper, avocado and chilli flakes on a toasted muffin with Hollandaise sauce. Sthlm Brunch Club’s Greek yoghurt served with homemade granola, honey and berry compote (65 kronor) is a nice diversion from the wheat-heavy menu. The chocolate cookie (30 kronor), advertised as crisp around the edge and gooey in the middle, is a bit stale.

All in all, Sthlm Brunch Club manages to serve up a decent brunch. The food is well-cooked, honest and tasty, but where they really shine is in service and atmosphere – we’ve seldom experienced such a homey vibe in a Stockholm restaurant. Our server’s infectiously positive mood has made our entire day.

Sthlm Brunch Club

Dalagatan 24

08 30 52 43