Lunch At Lådan: Sliders With An Attitude

On a quiet and desolate side street off Sveavägen, behind the plain doors of what used to be a large garage, is a 300 square metre space housing a beer hall and sliders restaurant. You’d never know it’s there, if it weren’t for the couple of hipsters popping in and out for a smoke on the sidewalk. Without even so much as a Facebook page or a phone number (there is, however, an Instagram page), the strategy is clearly to stay under the radar, as those in-the-know youngsters that this place attracts would find it anyway.

Just past the entrance, a bar with the names, classifications, alcohol levels and origins of around 20 beers plastered on the wooden signposts above it introduces us to the wonderful world of Lådan. With beer in hand – an Everyday IPA from Oppigårds (35 kronor) and a GBG Beer Week from Beerbliotek (45 kronor) – we continue down through the space, furnished with long tables and benches, before reaching an open kitchen and food counter at the far end. As a nod to other fast food chains, orders are taken by a cashier, and handed out once the pager you’ve received starts buzzing.
The name of the game at Lådan is sliders, a food item that founder Jon Widegren (creator of Flippin’ Burgers) has been working with on the Sliders food truck. The three standard sliders, the Lådan Slider (a double cheese burger with dill pickles), the S’N’S (a double cheese burger with chilli mayo and shoestring fries) and the Beanie (a veggie burger with chimichurri), are all priced at 55 kronor. The former two are highly recommended, with juicy beef patties and freshly baked buns. The veggie option is the weakest link, but is boosted by the vibrant chimichurri sauce.

There are several sides that complement the sliders, and we were particularly fond of the potato chips (35 kronor), that are served with your choice of dip. However mouth-watering the sound of jalapeno cheese balls with tomato and ginger chutney (55 kronor) is, they weren’t quite up to snuff on our visit, as the texture was dense and granular. Both desserts – an ice cream slider (50 kronor) consisting of a scoop of vanilla ice cream squeezed in between two chocolate chip cookies, and a banana bread pudding (55 kronor) made of yesterday’s leftover slider buns – are a great way to end a visit to Lådan.

To keep things interesting Lådan has made a habit of inviting guest chefs to add new items to the short but sweet menu. Up until now, they’ve had visits from the likes of Speceriet and Jonas Cramby. A great way to keep us coming back for more.

Luntmakargatan 63

Words: Micha van Dinther