TripAdvisor’s TheFolk Celebrates Its Anniversary With Half-Price Dining

Maybe I’m the only person this seems weird to, but are apps really more than a decade old? Weird. Anyway, one app that’s celebrating its decade anniversary is TripAdvisor’s booking app TheFork, and they’re throwing a festival to celebrate. TheFork Festival will see 150 selected restaurants, including Napolyon Bistro & bar and Cultur Bar & Restaurang, in Stockholm and Gothenburg offering up to 50% off rates on their meals when guests book with the app.  Maximilien Kauffmann of TheFork says “Our ambition is to run this kind of festival twice a year, so more people can have the opportunity to discover new restaurants and maybe through this, find their new favourites”.

You can find the participating restaurants here. The festival continues until Oct 25.