3X: Health and Wellbeing


Tingest claims to have the first Scandinavian-designed training equipment collection for the home that doubles as part of the décor. It is indeed a smart solution for health-conscious inner city dwellers that often lack in floor space. Kettlebells, dumb bells, a hula hoop, rollers, a large leather gym bag and a leather upholstered bench. They are all there to form a designer home gym hidden in plain sight, by designer and founder Alexander Lervik.

Woobi Play

The Danish designer and head and founder of Kilo, Lars Larsen, has created a translucent, medical-grade silicone anti-pollution facemask for Airmotion Laboratories, aimed at children aged six and over. Modular construction and colour-coded parts are meant to add an educational dimension to both product design and the risks of air pollution – and obviously how to avoid it. The Woobi Play mask is an attempt to transform a traditional protective mask into an object that fits into a child’s universe.


In a bid to further add fuel to the vanity fire, new skin care brand Younom offer DNA-based personalized products to maximize the time you have keeping those pesky wrinkles at bay. Send in a mouth swab with your DNA sample and get customised products in return, based on what might be best for you. All of the creams are free from irritants including parabens, alcohol and artificial dyes and focus on photoageing, hydration, elasticity, antioxidant protection, or a combination of the four areas.

Words: Micha van Dinther & Magnus Wittbjer