Brothers Take ‘Size You’ On Tour Around Sweden

Awareness of natural differences in body shapes and sizes is becoming more and more important these days, and fashion brand Brothers seem to agree. They’re going on tour around Sweden this October with their ‘Size You’ concept. Brothers say that most Swedish men don’t feel they fit in with what’s regarded as a ‘normal’ body shape. For their ‘Size You’ tour stops, they’ve therefore created an avatar of the average Swedish male figure, to show off the differences in body shape across the country. The stops will also allow men to get measured and have their old suits adjusted, in order to find the your true ‘Size You’.

“Usually one needs just a little adjustment, sometimes none at all and in certain cases one needs to correct, in principle, everything. With this tour, Brothers want to teach men more about their size and form, but also offer the chance to get fitted and correct an earlier purchase. From a sustainability perspective, it’s important that we make sure that all the clothes hanging at home in wardrobes are actually used and that future purchases fit perfectly from the start”, says Brothers CEO Peter Bondelid.

The Brothers ‘Size You’ tour is in Stockholm on the following dates:

Stockholm Centralstation, October 2-3, 
Kista Galleria from Oct 4-6,
Täby Centrum, Oct 7-8
Mästerhuset, Oct 11-12