Comedy Confessions At Trädgården

Petter Bristav

Comedy isn’t something your mind immediately leaps to when you think of Trädgården, but let’s be honest, so much happens there that it’s almost impossible to keep track of everything that goes on. And comedy at Trädgården is now definitely a thing, as Comedy Central Confessions comes to the summer club this August. It’s a four comic line-up, with Josefin Sonck, Petter Bristav, Isak Jansson and Petrina Solange all taking to the stage, with Fredrik Andersson hosting. It’s also being filmed for TV, so if you want to be on TV by, I dunno, wandering into the edge of the shot and waving to your mum, this is your chance.

Comedy Central Confessions #3, Trädgården, Aug 11