Dansk Danseteater At Parkteatern

Photo: Ricardo Sousa

Parkteatern isn’t just based at Gälarparken. They’re also running events at Vitabergsparken, and in August they’ll be bringing one of Europe’s legendary dance companies to the heart of Södermalm. Dansk Danseteater was founded over 30 years ago in 1981, and they’re generally regarded as one of the leading companies in their field. At Vitabergsparken they’ll be presenting a medley piece, choreographed by a trio of international artists, Tim Rushton, Stephen Shropshire and Marcos Morau. It might be Danish in origins, but the Danseteater has a cast of dancers as international as it’s possible to be. It’s sure to be a highlight for anyone who has an interest in modern dance.

Dansk Danseteater, Vitabergsparken, Aug 16