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L:A Bruket is a skincare brand hailing from the west coast of Sweden. Five years in, founders Monica Kylén and Mats Johansson have set up shop close to Nytorget, right in the middle of a paradoxically sleepy yet buzzing area of Södermalm. L:A Bruket’s flagship store in Stockholm is built around the elemental force that inspired the brand’s creation and which is central to their ongoing inspiration –water. The sleek and starkly white space has been conceived by James Brooks, art director and designer of Semcon design studio in Gothenburg, who has distilled the owner’s inspirations and brand philosophies to ideate and design the space.


Brendan Austin


Self proclaimed eco-luxury brand Björk & Berries recently opened up a flagship store in Sturegallerian. The store’s design is the creation of architect Christian Halleröd, who has taken cues from the brand’s strong Scandinavian natural heritage combined with the feel of a Japanese ‘onsen’ bathhouse. Visitors are greeted by bright and light birch shelving, since the healing properties of its sap is a central ingredient. Smack in the middle of the airy space sits a huge monolithic cube of marble, which houses a washbasin. The product packaging bears strong Scandinavian 1950s design cues. You almost expect the salesperson to be a polka dot-clad perky 20-something complete with bob hair and rhinestone glasses.




Although not a Swedish brand, Aesop’s latest Stockholm store displays a strong link to Swedish aesthetics. The Australian skin care brand has been in Stockholm for a while, and as with its first Stockholm location, architectural firm In Praise of Shadows was commissioned to create the space for the new venture. Architects Fredric Benesch and Katarina Lundberg were inspired by the great Gunnar Asplund’s way of combining wood with the simplicity of other natural materials. The wavy walls of the space create drama and shadows as well as natural spots for leather clad seating areas to behold it all. Adding to the architectural drama is the sanded raw concrete floor that serves up some hardness to the otherwise soft beauty.