3x Terrazzo tissy

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Terrazzo Pencil

When fashion brand Acne introduced a line of garments with prints inspired by terrazzo, a composite material traditionally used for walls and floors, in 2014, we knew it wasn’t the last we’d seen of it in fashion and design. Last fall Swedish interior decorating queen Lotta Agaton proclaimed, “terrazzo is the new carrera”, and we realized we’d shortly be enveloped in the trend. Danish brand Hay’s ever-expanding stationary line now includes ‘Terrazzo Pencil’, a cedarwood and graphite pencil available in three colours.



Marmoreal Chair

One of the first designers to take on terrazzo and pave the way for its revival was British designer Max Lamb, who has developed a multicoloured engineered marble for London-based design brand Dzek. The nougat-like material, which he named ‘Marmoreal’, combines coloured marble with a polyester binder to create a durable stone for architectural applications. While Lamb likes to clad entire interiors in the material (google “Max Lamb” and “bathroom”), we’d be happy to limit the usage to only a furniture piece or two…



Terrazzo Paper

As this print demonstrates, terrazzo is not only used in its original state – it also functions as patterns applied to other designs. ‘Terrazzo Paper’ is a collaboration between Norm Architects and designer Laura Faurschou for Paper Collective and Menu. “In our poster series we challenge the materials and their characteristics, making the terrazzo paper crispy thin and light-weight. The light and shadows on each terrazzo folding makes it stand out from the background as a three-dimensional object,” explain the creatives behind the project.