Design: 3 x Natures way



Designer duo Andreas Beijer and Viktor Erlands­son, the latter being the driving force behind design brand Straight, have recently launched a new series of products, including *Stain* leather coasters. Made from natural nubuck leather from Tärnsjö tannery and mounted on a base of solid-turned MDF for stability and durability, the coasters are meant to evolve over time. By embracing the dreaded coffee, wine or water stain, the traces of actual use become an integral part of the beauty and, as such, contribute to each individual piece’s uniqueness.



Industrial designer Daniel Svahn has made a smart move in the conceptual work for his new line of wooden bowls called Castor. By letting beavers do half the work – felling the trees and creating intricate chew marks – the Castor bowls receive their own unique shape. A rough and whimsical exterior combined with a beautifully smooth interior make the unintentional (by the beaver, at least) use into something useful (by humans), or perhaps merely a beautiful and irregular design object in an otherwise sleek and deliberate environment.


True Colours

Dutch designer Lex Pott has created a collection of cylindrical vases from oxidised metals for his first collaboration with Danish design brand &Tradition.

The seven vases are made from blue, black and pink brass, aluminium, copper and brown and black steel. Each combination is created by juxtaposing polished metal with a raw and oxidized finish to create intricacy and uniqueness through each metal’s own way of oxidizing. As the natural course of the process may take decades, Pott has used extensively researched chemicals to speed up the process.