Design: 3 x Showers and growers



If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? That is the spring motto for all those green-fingered deco freaks out, wanting to put their preciously cultivated vegetation on display for the world to see. The ‘Orb’ vase, a glass sphere set on a brass foot designed by Viktor Erlandsson for Klong, creates a new space within the space it occupies. Inspired by the atmosphere that surrounds the earth, the glass sphere creates a protective layer around the living material inside while, at the same time, exposing it. Orb is available in two sizes.



At the recent Northmodern design fair in Copenhagen, newly founded Copenhagen-based creative studio Dubokk got much of the attention, and with good reason. The ‘Stem’ plant-holder was one of the fair’s absolute highlights. ‘Stem’, available in chrome, brass or powder-coated finishes, exhibits plants – from the stem up the very tip of the flora – in an almost scientific manner. Dubokk’s design philosophy centres on the balance between form, material and intuition – we believe this is a design studio to keep an eye on in the future.


Vas 2

Now that we’ve covered the plant’s crown, let’s take a look at what goes on underneath. The root system is, in many cases, equally intriguing as the goings-on above earth. Josef Frank, designer, architect and artist, originally designed Vas 2 in the 1930’s. Along with four other clear glass vases, Vas 2 was reissued for last year’s floral exhibition 100 vaser med blommor i (100 vases with flowers in them), and is still available at Svenskt Tenn’s shop and online store. The vase is hand-blown by glass artisans at Skrufs Glasbruk in the region of Småland.