Design: 3x Swedes in Milan

 ts 3X_SwedesInMilan_Secant


For this year’s edition of Milan Design Week, prolific young designer Daniel Rybakken impressed greatly with the Secant project for J.Hill’s Standard. It is about visual and semiotic contrast; crystal discs communicating something pure, fragile and valuable, while the machined aluminum parts and the pulleys communicate the industrial. The Secant series is made up of a striking mobile, suspended from the ceiling, as well as a lamp to be placed on any surface (pictured). The light source does not illuminate the disc directly, but is angled towards the surface behind or beneath the object, reflecting and diffusing the light back through the glass into the surrounding space.



The Furia rocking horse is inspired by the iconic Gebrüder Thonet Vienna rocking chair. Designed by Front, it’s a playful, dynamic piece of furniture using the classic bent wood technique. Through their rocking horse interpretation, Front design group members Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren joined one of this year’s Milan Design Week’s trends – creating fun and funky industrial design for kids.

Furia works both as a toy and a pretty stylish conversation piece that could adorn any style-conscious parent’s living room without cluttering the space. Furia is available through Wiener GTV Design.


Terrazzo Table

Longevity, ruggedness, durability and versatility are just some of the words used to  explain the thought behind designer Daniel Enoksson’s Terrazzo series of tables, which were introduced at this year’s Milan Design Week.

The simplicity of the metal tabletops on a pole grounded in a heavy slab of terrazzo, the material du jour of industrial designers at present, creates a modern and cool unit. Danish furniture manufacturer Hay, which continues to mesmerize with their coherent styles, tactile materials and (for Scandinavia at least) brave colour palette, produces the Terrazzo Table.