DESIGN : The power of pink


The colour pink is considered a huge fauxpas in any context in many parts of the world (apart from among the gays or when dressing up a precious daughter), but in Sweden? No chance. In this proud moral superpower and modern egalitarian society, not even an eyebrow would be raised if you entered the office sporting a pink shirt, or the even gutsier choice of pink pants. In fact, pink has become more than just a fashion statement. The hue has now found its way into our once all-white homes as an equally important decor statement. Domestic paint manufacturer Alcro has launched its trend colours for 2016, and pink is well-represented.

Milkshake is inspired by Miami’s pink Art Deco buildings and flamingos, while Landsort is the toned-down version featuring more of a Nordic pastel pink. And it is not only meant for the bedrooms of pre-teen girls.


The spread of the pink spectrum doesn’t stop there. Stockholm-based Note Design Studio recently instagrammed “We pink” when design brand ZaoZuo launched their smartly designed Jellyfish lamp. Its pink tones and simplistic shape is definitely a nod towards Scandinavian and Japanese design, and clearly not intended to be tucked away in the kids’ room.

New Danish design firm AYTM has added a rose version to their Speculum mirror tables, as well as elegant hand-tufted wool rugs and bouncy poufs to their fall line, ashas Normann Copenhagen, with their pink velour pouf named Circus. Finally, Swedish Ikea-hacking-brand Superfront, offer ‘grannie pink’ in their selection of colours.


words / Micha van Dinther + Magnus Wittbjer