Nordic New Design With Million, Smaelta and Magniberg


Taking inspiration from early 20th century German and Danish style, carpenter/designer Claus Jakobsen and graphic designer Jens Kajus set out to create Million, a new Copenhagen-based brand that unveiled its first-ever collection at the Northmodern fair in August. We particularly like the Cupola side tables, which are available in a range of different materials such as glass, marble and brass.

Already designated a design classic, the Vako line of sculpted vases in three sizes is quite the hit. Designed by Lotta Pettersson and hand-blown in the Bergdala glassworks in Småland, the vases are a manifestation of the meeting of modern design and traditional craftsmanship. The horizontal lines found in the clear glass symbolize water and ice in movement.


With the current prevalence of rustic linen bedding in shades of gray, we are keen to highlight brands that present an alternative, daring to swim upstream. With several members with a background in fashion, the Multilateral design group Magniberg takes on bedwear in a new way. Combining unorthodox textures, materials and colours, such as army green washed jersey with pink silk, this is a brand that dares to break the rules.

Words: Micha van Dinther