Set In Stone: Rock Solid Design

Stone is by no means a new material in the field of interior design – it has been used in flooring, walls and furnishings for as long as mankind has existed and built things. During the Stone Age, the first man-made shelter was believed to have been made out of stones and branches.

Stone continues to have a pull on us. The keen affection we have for it is evident in the many new interior details and accessories in stone that have been designed in recent times.

‘Objects for books’ was one of the first collections of stone objects that really struck a chord with us. Designed by Jessica Signell Knutsson and hand-made by select Swedish artisans, the line includes Kolmården marble bookends and a low book socle – like an altar – to put books and magazines on.

Josefin Nordstierna is the daughter of a stonemason and has designed and made everyday use objects – plates, candleholders, pots and jars – under the brand Stenhuggardottern for several years. Her latest collection ‘Gro’ explores the concept for plant germination and sprouting. A range of strictly geometrical pieces that create sculptures that literally come to life as you water them.

New Stockholm-based brand Isadeco specialises in high-quality ceramic pots, but have also added the ‘Iconic’ line of marble pots and plates to their first-ever collection. Swedish online design retailer Hem are also venturing into the world of stone with the launch of the ‘Table’ mortar. Its distinct shape is inspired by archetypal millstones, and is both a closed container for spices and a mortar. Manufactured from a selection of different marbles, the mortar, by designer Mark Braun, stands for longevity and quality. Important values in this disposable day and age.

Words: Micha van Dinther & Magnus Wittbjer