Three Times: Swedes In Milan

Beyond Local

Salone del Mobile took place in Milan in April, and there were a number of Swedish designers on show. We take a look at come of the best.

Beyond Local

Industrial designer Anna Gudmundsdottir presented her homeware collection in Milan this year. Unlike common practice, the design process has progressed in reverse order, by allowing the manufacturers’ input to be a vital part of the creative platform, rather than the design itself. As such, the minimalistic and geometrical elements of the Beyond Local line of usable objects was conceived in partnership with seven local factories and is also part of her masters studies at Lund University School of Industrial Design.

Long Neck

The creative heart of Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche can be found in their large studio in Stockholm. In Milan this year, the duo brought the Long Neck chair, a futuristic piece that would not look out of place in a scene from Star Wars. The two-meter-tall armchair consists of a very high backrest made of a mix of hard and soft materials from Bolon. The different pieces of the chair are attached together, creating a wraparound protective alcove for privacy, quiet conversations and warmth.

Enfant Terrible

London designer Faye Toogood brought her own interpretation of the classic Ikea flat pack DIY-furniture to Milan this year. The installation was called ‘Enfant Terrible’ and part of the Ikea Festival. Enfant Terrible is a mash-up of different furniture pieces, which are displayed alongside a giant chair, inspired by a 1970’s Ikea lounger from her childhood home, and a slide. By creating her own hybrids and misfits through hacking Ikea furniture, she wants to reconnect with the brand’s products through child-like imagination.

Words: Micha van Dinther & Magnus Wittbjer