Size Matters At Hope

Fashion brand Hope launched its game-changing gender neutral collection late last year, which we discussed in an interview with their CEO Åsa Sånemyr and Head Of Design Frida Bard here. Now they’re continuing to push forward with their progressive plans to create clothing focused on the individual. The next step is their announcement that in future their clothing will feature double size markings. New Hope collections will now come marked with their sizes in both mens and women’s sizes, so the individual will be able to find the size that fits them, for every item in every collection. Sånemyr says: ” Our vision is to hail the individual and create fashion for people. Now we take another step further with the new sizing system which will make it easier for our customers to choose how they want to express themselves, regardless of gender. Fashion is an important form of expression for everyone and fashion is often a force for change. We want to be a driving force in that change”. The new sizing system will be rolled out with Hope’s new SS17 collection, Creative Minds, which is due to hit stores in January.


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