Style Highlight: SS16 Dr. Martens

2Dr. Martens SS16 women’s collection Slime Floral is a dreamy, flower pop wonder inspired by Psychobilly Subculture. Psychobilly is a sub-genre of music that combines rockabilly, science fiction, horror punk, goth, blues, bluegrass, and basically as much flavor as a note can handle. Mix in the best-dressed characters from cult horror films and you have the perfect cut of one of these guys.

Dr. Martens does a great job of capturing the unique style and essence of this culture with these glitched out, drippy, illustrated shoes. These awesome boots look like they would contain some magic sole that would take you to a land of wonders, at if that doesn’t work they, at least, look like they could get you half way there.

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Address: Katarina Bangata 15