Like most stars, Isabella Idberg was created in a little galaxy – in this case, Karlshamn, Blekinge – until she got big enough and exploded to the sunny state of sunny California to study fashion at Long Beach City College, Los Angeles. Her star trail later led her to Beckmans College of Design which in turn led her to Stockholm where the supernova brand of Isabella Idberg was born.

Idbergs’s namesake line is a magnificent feat of couture streetwear full of unique colours, shapes and patterns that puts thoughtful design at the forefront of all the pieces. The details can be as minute as a single stitch, but somehow all of Isabella Idberg’s pieces make you feel like you are wearing art that will appreciate in value over time. In order to promote the idea of sustainable fashion that will last a lifetime in your closet, each piece is made to order

Stockholm has taken notice, choosing her as one of the brands for Swedish Fashion Talents in 2015. Entitled Juno, her latest collection was shown at Stockholm Fashion Week, she has collaborated with Unfair Fashion and The Roskilde festival and had her garments worn by Laleh Pourkarim, Neneh Cherry, Tove Lo, Veronica Maggio and Jennie Abrahamson.

We picked the brain of this fashion wunderkind to find out how she got to be one of Stockholm’s most darling designers.

How would you describe the Stockholm fashion scene?

I would say that Swedish fashion is clean garments that easily can be styled to fit different looks. Sometimes I find it a bit limited. It would be nice to see more independent, smaller brands that have courage to show more attitude in the mainstream media.

What inspirations did you get from living in California that you have incorporated into your line?

The Cali crowd is not afraid of colour and I find the sporty, comfortable, beachy, low key atmosphere indulgent, inspiring and full of acceptance.

Where is your favourite place to design?

To evolve as a designer I try not to limit myself to one place. Creation is a constant movement I can work through in different environments. The idea and design grows in my mind while traveling and exploring different places and facing different challenges and so on. And I usually have a vision in mind when I sit down in the comfort of my studio where I put it all together.

Have you ever seen someone wearing your garments that you didn’t expect to see?

It is always fun to see people wearing my design. I can not say it was unexpected just a really nice surprise when I saw Tove Lo on Instagram wearing my gold hoodie.

What would you like to incorporate into your line?

I would like to design more menswear in the future.

Who would you love to see wearing your garments?

I would love to see different people with different kinds of style incorporate my design in there own styles.

What is your go-to outfit?

The hoody is my absolute favourite garment. It has been with me since I started. I incorporate the style with the big hood in a new way in every new collection.

What’s the hardest part about your job?

The hardest part is to get space in the Swedish media, to let people know that you exist. And to make it financially, considering always keeping good quality in all aspects of the process of making fashion, that is affordable and sustainable.

What is your favourite things about your job?

The freedom to do what I love and always be creative. To have an idea and to see it take shape is such a satisfaction.

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