Threads: Peak Performance



The new Peak Performance concept store on Götgatan is 35 square meters of the brand’s best products. The shop will double as a sports laboratory of sorts, testing environment for new materials, innovations and collections that will keep the community in constant motion. Every month they will showcase a new product that focuses on  different types of activities, such as after-works, press screenings, training and lectures. The Götgatan branch is sleek, clean and very modern, a setting that repositions the classic outerwear brand into the urban jungle. Part of the inspiration comes from nightlife – visitors of the store are welcomed by a security gate and an audio system that is sufficient enough to get any shopper an opportunity to get lost in the music. Further details like neon lights, cash and storage bags are integrated into the atmosphere. Joaquim De Abreu, Concept Manager at Peak Performance said his goal was was to create a surface that reflects the products and above all the lifestyle Peak Performance stands for. Fast, dynamic and modern. Well done Joaquim. Visit 59° 18’ – 18° 4’ 21.0684” E, or Götgatan 78 to most of us, to experience Peak Performance.

Peak Performance., Götgatan 37,