Mr. Wolf Magazine

| Words: Jonny Rothwell

Mr Wolf magazine

Mr. Wolf Magazine is an independent journal profiling some of the leading personalities behind Nordic design, style, art and music. During April 2013 the first issue was launched at specialty magazine retailers internationally. Issue two is due out in September. We spoke with the magazine’s 23-year-old Australian editor, Laura Phillips, to learn more about what inspired her to create the publication.

Why did you create Mr.Wolf magazine?

I had the opportunity to live in Sweden for 12 months studying Art history at the University of Lund. I have always been interested in style and design and most of my favorite artists, designers and musicians turn out to be Swedish. I had done quite a bit of freelance writing and always wanted to work with magazines. I thought studying here would be a good opportunity to get more involved with Nordic culture and a magazine was a perfect outlet to discuss what I felt about the region from a foreigner’s perspective.

Mr Wolf magazine editorHave you lived anywhere else other than your hometown of Melbourne?

I was educated in Australia but have moved around quite a lot having lived in the UK and France. The culture in Paris is very different to Sweden and I think I aspire to a much more minimalist aesthetic rather than the over the top style I experienced there. Stockholm is much better than Paris!

Why did you decide to create a Mr. Wolf magazine?

I think the format of the magazine appealed to me. People form wonderful, tactile relationships with magazines. I come from an Art History background and, in a way, curating is in my blood. I like that I can curate the content in a magazine that is tailored to a specific unified message.

Why did you choose the name Mr.Wolf magazine?

After researching the names that were in the market we decided that we wanted something that was elegant and suggestive of Virginia Woolf.  We had a few names in mind, some of which were in Swedish but settled on the name Mr.Wolf because it fit so easily and is memorable.

Where is Mr. Wolf magazine distributed?

We printed 3000 copies for the first edition which we distributed to 21 countries internationally, mostly gallery shops, specialty bookstores or other locations where potential readers might like the magazine.

What is your target market?

I would say our readers are aged 25-35 and are highly design conscious and interested in Nordic design. I also believe they are well-read and well-travelled.

Is it challenging producing a magazine with an international readership?

Yes and no. All the brands and styles we talk about are internationally distributed. Although we write in a sarcastic tone we try to avoid talking about topics that are too obscure or local.

I understand the next issue of Mr. Wolf Magazine is hitting the shelves in September. What are your plans for the future?

Correct! I go to Sweden four times a year and would like to expand our print run and the page numbers if we can make enough revenue from our advertisers. The margins are tight but it’s a lot of fun!

(Editors note: Mr. Wolf magazine is available for purchase at all good bookstores in Stockholm, including Press Stop).