Bortförd Vid Midnatt Comes To Stadsteatern

Photo: Bengt Wanselius

In 1930, an SA gang attacked the Tanzpalast Eden in Berlin, a left-wing dancehall, and killed three and injured 20. When the case went to court, the lawyer Hans Litten subpoenaed Hitler, and grilled him in a three-hour cross-examination that embarrassed Hitler and put Litten on the Nazi party blacklist. When the party took power in 1933, Litten was swiftly imprisoned and later committed suicide in Dachau concentration camp. Taken At Midnight, a 2014 play by Mark Hayhurst, tracks the story of Litten’s life and his mother’s quest to get him released. It plays at Stadsteatern, with Gunilla Röör and Bahador Foladi in the main roles, until June.

Bortförd vid midnatt, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Playing until Jun 11