Musical Monologue With Mapei’s Råttkungen

Photo: Matilda Rahm

Singer, rapper and former Totally Stockholm cover star Mapei has created a musical monologue where we follow her through a rhythmically portrayed reality. It’s a tale about a girl refusing to give up and who’s doing all that’s required from her to be a functional part of society, but due to mental health she becomes let down by friends and safety nets as well as the future. Luckily, one day it all changes.

“I have always wanted to connect my thoughts in the form of a monologue, onstage with words that echo through people’s hearts. But now that I have matured it’s more about the fact that I would have needed to see something like this when I was younger”, Mapei says about Råttkungen. The show, about being outside the norm, will be performed at Stadsteatern Vällingby.

Råttkungen opens May 12 and is playing until May 24.