Theatre Highlight: Skillnadernas Stockholm

Photo’ Ninja Hanna

Stockholm has 133 separate urban zones, and life varies in each of them, from a little to a lot. Skillnadernas Stockholm is a theatre piece based on a report by Stockholms stad on the differences in lives in each of the urban zones, from Storkyrkan to Östra Hammarbyhöjden, in terms of education, career and life expectations. We know that Stockholm is a city that has some drastic differences in quality of life based on postcode – as the people behind Skillnadernas Stockholm put it: “How can the average life expectancy be eight years higher [from one part of the city to another] just 14 T-Bana stops away?”. Put together by director Ellen Lamm and writer Eric Ericson, it’s set in Stockholmsrummet at Kulturhuset, and opens on October 5.

Skillnadernas Stockholm, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Opens Oct 5