Gig Highlight: Foreverandever Comes To Morfar Ginko

Photo: Hilda Bordahl

We brought you dreamsynth artist Foreverandever‘s (aka Joakim Buddee) single Feel Smthn all the way back in spring, and now his debut EP Late Walk/Spacewalk is out, and he’s lined up his first Stockholm gig since its release. Foreverandever will play a live show at Morfar Ginko on Saturday in association with record label Waves, with DJ support from Skymning and Linn Elisabet. We caught up with Buddee for a quick interview ahead of the show.

You released your debut EP Late Walk/Spacewalk in June, tell us about that EP

Late Walk/Spacewalk is a collection of songs about attraction and all the thoughts that go through your head when you meet someone new and special. Like most of my songs they live and breath within a club environment but with a pop jacket on. I’m also joined by some of my best friends on the EP. Very proud of it.

You haven’t played in Stockholm since December, is it good to be playing here again? How has your live show developed since then?

It feels super good but also a bit scary to play in Stockholm again. Super excited for it though! I think the biggest development is in me, I now know that the set kind of works. There are also more songs and more four on the floor bass drums in it. More of everything.

What’s happening over the next few months with Foreverandever?

I’m going to release a new double single and hopefully play some more shows. Apart from that I’ll just be in the studio, playing with my synths and drum machines. I’m trying to make my new stuff lean more towards the dance floor then my stuff from the past. It’s exciting!

Sep 23 @ 2100, Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray Ray 

Late Walk/ Spacewalk is out now on Sommarhjärta

Words: Austin Maloney