Gig Highlight: Popaganda På Parkteatern

Popaganda’s junior sibling, Popaganda på Parkteatern, returns to Gälarparken in July. This year they’ve got a five act line-up, and we decided to pick out a couple of those artists for a little closer look.


Gothenburg will never run out of outstanding indie bands, and four-piece Holy Now (Julia Olander, Ylva Holmdahl, Samuel von Bahr Jemth and Hampus Eiderström Swahn) are doing an excellent job of holding up the city’s proud guitar legacy. Their latest EP Please Call Me Back is everything you want from your favourite new indie band, scrappy, charismatic and catchy, with the single ‘Wishlist’ a particular earworm.


The Hanged Man is Rebecka Rolfart’s musical baby, and she’s carving out stylistic space for herself in the field of dark musical epics. After 2014’s First Quarter Moon and 2016’s Lord Have Mercy EPs, she returned in earnest this year with the singles ‘Fenix’ and ‘The Heart Is A Stone’, and the latter was a stunner of a single, a slow-moving, hypnotic piece of electronic rock. Her debut album Of Blood Is Full arrives on September 6.


Part of a wave of new popstars, Julia Adams went big with her 2015 low-key hit ‘0400AM’, which racked up over a million Spotify plays. Since then she’s shown off her funk-pop credentials with the single ‘Spegelbild’, as well as her more soft-focus side on the sweeping ‘Deja Vu’. She takes to the stage at 19:00.

Jul 22 @ 1500, Galärparken