Gig Highlight: Susanne Sundfør At Södra Teatern

“Don’t trust the ones who love you, ‘cos if you love them back, they’ll always disappoint you, it’s just a matter of fact”. So opens Susanne Sundfør’s single Undercover, the song she used as the introduction to her new album Music For People In Trouble. Recorded in the middle of Sundfør’s post-album burnout after her excellent synthpop record, Ten Love Songs, it’s some form of a back to basics album for the Norwegian star, with Sundfør putting the focus on ‘classic’ instrumentation. Inspired by her travelling and the less-than-ideal situation the world finds itself in at present, it’s a heavy record, but a compelling one. Stockholm will see if she can transfer it to the stage in October.

Susanne Sundfør, Södra Teatern, Oct 12