Gig Highlight: HOLY/ Boys

Holy (L) and Boys. Boys photo Samuel Hahn

Under Bron is going to sound a little bit Umeå tonight, as two of the best groups from the northern city take over the club (I was considering calling it Umeå Bron but thought that was stupid even for me). Now both based in Stockholm, Hannes Ferm’s HOLY and Nora Karlsson’s Boys are signed up to premiere rock label PNKSLM, and HOLY’s pysch-tinged fuzz rock and Boys’ moongazing indie-pop has made them two of the most exciting bands around. Ferm plays drums in Boys, and Karlsson plays guitar in HOLY, so the bands are pretty tightly linked, but this is the first time they’ve ever put on a joint show, so we caught up with them for a few questions about it.

You guys play in each other’s bands, so HOLY and Boys are pretty close. Is it cool to get the chance to put on a joint show?

It’s something we’ve been wanting to do since Boys started playing, but we never really got the chance to do it before. Also we can’t get enough of ourselves

For both of you, it’s been a while since you released something, HOLY with the Stabs album in 2015 and Boys with the Love On Tour EP back in May 2016. How are the albums coming along? Any new singles on the horizon?

The next HOLY album is finally starting to see an end, and the Boys album is starting to see a beginning. New stuff is coming soon and will be as we like to say “gode lit”

Finally, anything you want to say to people before they come to the show? Can we expect any surprises?

The night will start with a course in getting possessed by demons mid-solo, led by Nora. Hannes will then cry on stage.

Live Sessions: Boys och Holy, Under Bron @ 1700