Gig Highlight: The Magnettes

If anyone from the far North is feeling particular regionally patriotic this Thursday, then USINE on Södermalmsallén might be the place for you. They’re hosting another of their music nights ‘Norrbotten på USINE’, where they showcase bands and artists from Norrbotten province. This time out it’s glitterpop punks The Magnettes, who hail from all the way up in Pajala on the Finish border. The trio’s high-energy, fearless power-pop has won them acclaim over a bunch of recent singles, and they’re onstage at 20:00. So for any Northerners missing home, it’s well worth checking out. And even if you’re not from Norrbotten: music sounds good regardless of where you come from.

Jun 15 @ 2000, USINE 36-38