Gig Highlight: Nadja Evelina

Photo: Jennie Boqvist

Is Nadja Evelina about to be the next to break into the Swedish pop big leagues? The singer-songwriter has only been active for a little more than a year, but has already signed to Hybris and clocked just shy of a million plays for her debut single ‘Finast utan filter’, as well as collaborating with Jonas Lundqvist on the track ‘Fasnat För Dig’. It’s a pretty impressive CV for such a short amount of time, and it’s only about to get more impressive when she releases her debut EP Aldrig samma/Alltid samma, which she does today. Evelina’s music ranges from gossamer gentle electro-pop  with songs like ‘Ni Två’ to big league singalongs like ‘Finast Utan Filter’, and you can hear it tonight when she has a release fest and gig for the EP at Obaren.

May 17 @ 1900, Obaren