Gig Highlight: PAIR At Hemma Hos Fanny

Stockholm electro-dream duo PAIR released their first single ‘Northern Lights’ a few months back, a big hitting synth-pop song that had little echoes of Niki & The Dove and I Am Karate. They’re booked in to play Hemma Hos Fanny‘s club at Bar Brooklyn on Wednesday, so we had a little chat with them ahead of the gig.

So introduce yourselves, and tell us how PAIR formed.

We are My Schaffer and Minna Lundberg. The true story of how PAIR was formed is that we were sick of going to concerts to watch our male friends perform. So we decided to start our own thing. We’ve been making music together for a couple of years and felt that it was time to make something happen. And along came PAIR.

You have a really interesting sound, this mix of almost-choral vocal harmonies and heavy electronics. How did you arrive at that sound and what are some of the influences that inform PAIR’s music?

Thank you! That’s such a beautiful way of describing our music! PAIR is the result of our love for sounds created by the human voice and electronic beats. We both have a background in choral music so the choral vocal harmonies just comes naturally. We feel like the mix of voices in harmony and the electronic sound makes the electronica more alive! Our sound is influenced by a lot of bands and artists such as Bon Iver, Imogen Heap, James Blake, Highasakite just to mention a few.

You’ve only released one single so far, can we expect more soon? What have you planned for the rest of 2017?
We are currently in the process of producing new material and will hopefully be able to release it asap!

Finally, what can we expect from the show at HHF?

Heartbreaking lyrics along with beats that make you wanna dance. And of course a lot of harmonising.

PAIR perform at Hemma Hos Fanny on Wednesday, with artwork by Jonas Brandin.

Feb 22 @ 1800, Bar Brooklyn.

Words: Austin Maloney