New Music: Boys Make The Leap On “Rabbits”

Last month we talked about Magic Potion‘s Rest Yr Skull, and mentioned that it was part of a split single. Well, now we’ve got the other side of that equation. Rabbits by Boys is the song on the other side of the vinyl to Rest Yr Skull, and it’s out now.

Boys is the solo project of Umeå-born Stockholm-based musician Nora Karlsson, who also plays guitar in Hannes Ferm’s Holy (we chatted to both ahead of their joint Under Bron show in March). Up to this point she’s released two EPs of lo-fi indie rock (2015’s Kind Of Hurt and 2016’s Love On Tour), but new single Rabbits seems like the great leap forward production-wise, cleaner and clearer than her earlier material. The sun shines through Rabbits, making it a skygazing piece of indie-dream pop, lyrically melancholic in the verse before bursting into a euphoric chorus. The Rest yr Skull/ Rabbits split 7″ is out on PNKSLM on October 20, and Boys’ debut full-length album is due in spring 2018.

Words: Austin Maloney