New Music: PAIR Put Their Own Spin On “Something”

Photo: Elsa Löwdin

Going deep into the obscure musical archives for this one. The Beatles (yes, it’s spelled like that: they were mavericks) were a Liverpool four-piece…ok, you get the joke now, everyone knows who the Beatles were. Something, George Harrison’s soft-focus love song, was probably his definite arrival as a major songwriter in his own right. It was his first song to be released as a Beatles A-Side single, and has been covered by everyone from Elvis to James Brown. And joining that list of coverers is Stockholm duo PAIR (My Schaffer and Minna Lundberg), who we first met in a Q & A in February.

PAIR strip Something down to the bare basics, starting off as nothing but a vocal duet before building up the soundscape with a drum machine and waves of soft synths. But the heart of this cover is in the vocals, and that’s where the duo shine. They transform Something into a piece of dreamy-choral pop, turning the song into something (get it?), that’s very much their own. Check it out below.

Words: Austin Maloney