New Music: Vero Go Epic On ‘Virtue’

“This band has no structure, especially when it comes to genre. We just want to have fun”. This is how Vero (Julia Boman, Clara Gyökeres and Amanda Eddestål) introduce themselves as a band, and that desire to have fun was painted all over their debut single ‘Hello’, from its rock’n’roll swagger to the sampled ‘clink’ of a wine glass.

Their second single ‘Virtue’ shows that they weren’t kidding when they said they didn’t pay attention to genre rules. ‘Hello”s gritter rock stylings are swapped out here for something entirely different, a big, shiny new wave track that shows off the Blondie DNA in their musical heritage. It sounds massive, the bright synths, ‘can’t go back’ lyrics (the track was inspired by road movies) and glittering guitar solo combining to make something epic, a song that should be soundtracking the movies it was inspired by. Trying to make a song that sounds this big, this grand, is a risky game for a band: it’s very easy to fuck it up and sound overblown and ridiculous. It’s therefore a credit to Vero that they nail it, with every part tuned to perfection, and they wrap it up with a stunner of a chorus. Vero set out to be a fun band, but they’re more than that: they’re a really fucking good band too.

Words: Austin Maloney