Stainwasher Plays In The Darkness On “Ruminate Forever”

Stainwasher is an anonymous producer and musician from Stockholm, and thanks to the whole ‘anonymous’ thing we don’t really know much more than that. She’s been active on Soundcloud for a while now, over two years in fact, but it’s only now that she’s getting around to releasing her ‘official’ debut single, Ruminate Forever’.

Her label Jämmerdosa compares her work to Chelsea Wolfe, but Ruminate Forever doesn’t really occupy the same stylistic space as Wolfe’s heavy, almost violent industrial rock. Instead, it’s airy and dark, echoing drums and eerie organs combining for a haunting, graceful take on dreamrock. Stainwasher pulls elements from different genres together to make a song that creates a shadowy, unnerving headspace, one built to live in the dark side of your dreams. It’s out now on Jämmerdosa.

Words: Austin Maloney