The Weekender Oct 13, 14, 15 : Your Guide To Stockholm’s Weekend

Ellen Allien


If you haven’t seen it, Goodbye Lenin is a German cinema classic, centring on familial turmoil, the fall of the Berlin wall, anomie and Ostalgie. Alex’s mother falls into a coma, only to recover. The doctors send her back to Alex’s care, with a caveat: don’t expose her to any big shocks or surprises. The only problem is, while she’s been away, the Berlin Wall has fallen and Germany had reunited. It shows at Armemuseum on Sunday, in German with Swedish subtitles.

Oct 15 @ 1430, Armémuseum


Ellen Allien is a big, big name in the techo world, having founded the legendary label BPitch Control and been an active DJ and artist since the 90s. Her new album Nost is out now, and she’s going on tour across Europe to promote it, including a three-hour set at Slakthuset on Saturday.

Oct 14 @ 2200, Slakthuset


Anyone with an interest in design and interiors might want to think about making the trip to Färgfabriken this weekend, as Designmarknad Sthlm take over for their autumn market. There’ll be a huge amount of exhibitors, and Färgfabriken’s cafe will also be open for those who feel peckish while browsing.

Oct 14 & 15, Färgfabriken