Artsdesk: Exopark – art and drinks at the rooftop


In the middle of Stockholm, on a rooftop bar, you can combine your love for art and drinks. Swedish artist Thomas Hämén has created *Exopark*, an Art Bar at Sveavägen 44. The art bar is all over the rooftop, with sculptures by artists such as Tony Cragg, Astrid Sylvan and Roland Persson, and the work is curated by Galleri Andersson/Sandström.

Hämén is involved in everything from the drinks, music, material to the smells of the rooftop venture. In Exopark he has examined what it is like to be present in a place, but at the same time feel like an outsider watching yourself from above. There is also a sound-based watering system, with music by Erik Haal – that alone sounds like it’s worth the trip up in the elevator…

Exopark – an Art Bar is located at Sveavägen 44.